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SBB in accordance with FM-GLOBAL

For Segment-Tanks with Sikaflex-Sealing and with Inliner membrane.

The FM certificate is internationally known for highest quality and safety standards.

The construction of FM-certified tanks is carried out exclusively by appropriately audited manufacturers such as SBB.  All processes in the production of a certified tank are subject to the strict FM guidelines. Seismic activities as well as wind and snow loads in the respective geographical conditions influence the design of the container statics.

SBB-TANKS in accordance with VdS-Guideline

For VdS Class 1 Segment-Tanks with Sikaflex-Sealing and with Inliner membrane.

Due to the highest storage level, these mainly outside installed sprinkler tanks are insulated and additionally kept free of ice by a heater system. The segment tank is closed by an insulated roof, which can be offered by SBB in different fire protection classes. It is also equipped with a circumferential end edge of the tank roof.

A handrail makes the tank accessible. Controlled rainwater drainage via a rain gutter is optionally available.

SBB-Tanks in accordance with VdS-Class 2

Only for Segment-Tanks with Sikaflex-Sealing.

The segment tanks of VdS-Cl. 2 are constructed without insulation. A possible ice layer is taken into account in their design. The required minimum quantity of extinguishing and sprinkler water is available at all times.

By discarding the thermal insulation and thus the trapezoidal sheet metal, it is possible to work more cost-efficiently. Thus visible screw parts are covered with plastic caps as additional protection against corrosion and dirt.

Sprinkler-Tank in accordance with DIN EN 1993

As an alternative to sprinkler systems, fire water tanks serve as a water supply for firefighters. For the immediate availability of large quantities of extinguishing water, above-ground cylindrical tanks are the functionally superior and cost-effective solution. Sufficient dimensioning of the extinguishing water supply, especially for objects with large fire compartments or large fire loads, is therefore very important for fire protection.

An heated separation box is standard equipment of SBB-Tanks. It also provides sufficient protection against freezing of the tank.



Segment-Tank with Sikaflex sealing

With this tank, you have chosen a durable variant. An advantage of this design is that installations in the tank, such as dowelling on concrete or large pipelines are possible without any problems. In addition to the special technical properties of these tanks, optical color concepts are also implemented.

The cladding with trapezoidal sheet metal not only looks good, it also provides increased corrosion protection. In addition, if you wish, you can also customize the tank in your color and with large-scale external presentation of your company (see table).


Segment-Tanks with PVC Inliner Membrane.

Thanks to a compact design, the tank is installed and insulated at the same time. Since curing of the seal is not necessary, the tank can be filled immediately after assembly.

A special feature of this design is the Inliner-Membrane. It separates the water from the tank wall. Since the water also does not contact the ground surface, no waterproof concrete foundation is required. A handrail makes the tank accessible. Controlled rainwater drainage via a rain gutter is optionally available.


The Two-Chamber-Solution

Hybrid tanks store water in two different chambers containing extinguishing water and sprinkler water, which are controlled separately from each other. This compact design requires two separate areas for the amount of water required in each case. The hybrid design reduces the amount of space taken up.

Additional and Special Services

Additional services (for Inliner & Sika) Handrail, rain gutter and or securant system (fall protection)

Special options for Inliner: Trapezoidal sheet and coating

Color Table

Standard Colors Without extra charge

white aluminum
grey white

Special Colors

price on request

light ivory
brown red
gentian blue
moss green
chrome oxide green
reseda green
anthracite gray
light gray
copper brown
nut brown
red brown
gray aluminum
pure white

Custom Color

Price on request

Custom Color


We offer the following options of colors and design:

  • 2 standard colors: RAL 9002 gray white & RAL 9006 white aluminum
  • 13 other special colors (price on request)
  • custom colors (price on request)

We will be happy to further consult you. Please contact us!

Tabelle als PDF: Hier klicken!

Tanks with sprinkler pump house cladding

We also offer sprinkler and pump house cladding with all connections and necessary functional elements for our tanks. We will gladly deliver our products to your desired location.


We guarantee the best products “Made in Germany” with FM certificate and CE mark due to production according to DIN EN 1090-1 EXC 2 and compliance with VdS guidelines.

Your options for shape and design

  • tank without external cladding
  • unique smooth sheet metal facade
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal facade with different beads and free choice of colors