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System Hall

Sprinkler Pump House

Our all-in-one solution

Due to the many pipelines and connections required to supply sprinkler systems, not only the production and installation of extinguishing and sprinkler water tanks, but also of the sprinkler pump houses themselves is a specialized job for which our company is an experienced expert.

At our plant in Wolmirstedt, we plan, organize and manufacture all the necessary components ourselves. SBB handles the transport of the components with its own fleet of vehicles, ensuring a smooth and fast project process.

In this segment too, we offer the related components of tanks, sprinkler pump houses and if necessary, connecting structures as a complete solution from a single supplier.

In addition to our tanks, we also offer the cladding of the sprinkler and pump control center with all connections and necessary functional elements. We will gladly deliver our products to your desired location.

Connecting Structures


Excellent and Durable

Our tanks are optionally equipped as a all-in-one solution with pump house and all connections as well as necessary functional elements. We deliver the finished components to the intended site with our fleet of vehicles and assemble all components there for proper and flawless use.

According to static design, the sprinkler pump house can be designed as a system hall for pump enclosure in various fire protection classes. The steel construction made of galvanized steel profiles is particularly durable.


Advertise smart!

With personal Color and Design

People use all their senses to notice their surroundings and memorize them for the future. Especially colors and pictorial elements like symbols, logos or slogans catch the eye and remain stored for a long time until they are recalled by external stimuli. Great attention can be generated, visible from far away, by the shape of the tank. An individual tank cover or cladding, e.g. in the shape of a product, can be designed and realized by SBB.

You want a special color? No problem: Choose your individual color from the RAL catalog.

Furthermore, the large outer surface of the tank is suitable for advertising your company. Also for this we gladly take over the planning and realization.

  • Wrapping

    Customised sizes and shapes

  • MeshBanner

    Example:: 6,5 x 6,5 m with Tubular Construction

  • AluDiBond

    Example: 2 Panels each 3 x 2 m

  • Customised Systems

    with Illumination

    Colors and Special Colors

    For polyester paints and powder coatings

    Our RAL Catalog

    The facade cladding of trapezoidal sheet metal serves as weather protection and provides a cohesive, attractive overall appearance, which can be improved by a possible color coating. Likewise, a tank without trapezoidal sheet cladding can be given a color coating in the form of a powder coating. Take a look at our color selection, we will be happy to advise you. Also special colors, especially adapted to your company design, can be realized.

    Concrete Coating

    Concrete is still one of the most important building materials. But unfortunately concrete also gets older and wears out. A coating or sealing of concrete is necessary when crack widths become too large or moisture can penetrate the concrete body. Damage can be caused by environmental influences and penetrating moisture as well as mechanical stress.

    We record the damage and advise you on the correct measures to repair the damage that has occurred. In the foundation area of an extinguishing water tank, we offer concrete coating to seal it.