Service & Maintenance

Reliability for your investment. Durability through professional maintenance.


Fire protection systems are complex safety systems that must function absolutely flawlessly in the event of an emergency. Regular inspections are the basic prerequisite for ensuring not only the function but also, if necessary, the insurance coverage of your company. Visual and condition checks are carried out to ensure that the tanks are in good working condition. We also offer diving robot trips to inspect the inside of the tank.

Tanks with sprinkler pump house cladding

We also offer sprinkler and pump house cladding with all connections and necessary functional elements for our tanks. We will gladly deliver our products to your desired location.


We guarantee the best products “Made in Germany” with FM certificate and CE mark due to production according to DIN EN 1090-1 EXC 2 and compliance with VdS guidelines.

Your options for shape and design

  • tank without external cladding
  • unique smooth sheet metal facade
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal facade with different beads and free choice of colors


We offer you a comprehensive service and maintenance package for our products. With us, you can be on the safe side.

We ensure the durability of your investment. Enjoy the extensive services of SBB and get customized products for highest quality demands! We offer you all-in-one solutions for storage tanks and extinguishing water tank containers throughout Europe from a single source. Rely on our dedicated and competent team to ensure that your orders are realized quickly!

We provide comprehensive cooperation by consulting our clients in detail, planning jointly with them and manufacturing for them. With our stock of machines and tools we create individual tanks from the base to the roof. You decide on the height and diameter of the container to suit your needs and determine the specific appearance of the tank by choosing the design of your outer cladding.


We offer complete solutions. For us, this includes also the area of refurbishment. Here, various essential aspects of operational safety and stability can be checked and assessed. No matter if the corrosion protection or the remaining material thickness of the tank wall plates have to be assessed, we offer this service for our own tanks as well as for tanks of other manufacturers.

Your Benefits

Warranty extension

By concluding a maintenance contract, our warranty on the tightness of the tank is extended to a total of 10 years.

Compliance with the guidelines according to VdS/FM

Our company complies with legal requirements, as well as the valid regulations, guidelines and standards according to VdS / FM, the actuality is assured by regular specialized training and instruction of our employees.

Optimal functionality assured by competent specialist personnel

Regular visual and condition checks of the outside of the tank are carried out by our expert service technicians. In addition, regular maintenance of the functionality and operating condition of the interior is carried out with the aid of a submersible robot.


Due to the professional execution of our maintenance services at the specified intervals, a trouble-free functionality of the tank can be guaranteed and thus contributes not only to the supporting operating safety of your plant, but also to the preservation of your insurance coverage.

Fast assistance in the event of damage

Our customer service is available to provide individual support for your concerns. Mon – Thurs: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm & Fri: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (German time)  Phone number: +49 39201 27 28 100 E-mail:

Low administrative effort

SBB GmbH takes over the entire monitoring and coordination of the measures and deadlines required for maintenance. At the same time we provide you with a comprehensive documentation of the work performed by us, as well as a separate extensive picture documentation if a diving robot is used.

Reduction of operating costs

Early detection of weather and age-related wear and tear or leaks can prevent costly repairs. This can reduce avoidable operating downtime costs to a minimum or eliminate them entirely, while increasing the long-term value retention of your tank.

Plannable costs

Contractually agreed maintenance packages ensure that the costs of maintenance services can be planned and calculated. Additional costs for repair work or the replacement of defective components of the tank are not included in the maintenance charge and must be ordered separately.

Maintenance and spare parts from a single supplier

Planning, production, assembly and comprehensive services from a single source mean not only short communication channels and competent solutions for you, but also constant quality from the first segment to the last spare part in the life of a tank.

Economic benefit

With the help of our competent service technicians and the use of modern submersible robots, the maintenance of the tank can be reliably carried out during the first nine years without draining the water. Only for the 10-year maintenance a complete emptying of the tank becomes unavoidable and requires a separate order.

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