Service and maintenance
Security for your investment
Durability by professional maintenance

Service and maintenance

SBB does not only produce but the company offers a comprehensive service and maintenance package. Play it safe. We ensure the durability of your investment.

Enjoy the comprehensive service of SBB. You receive certificated goods according to your needs with the highest standard of quality. From the hand of an only producer we offer complete solutions to fabricate storage containers and water tanks. Trust in our committed and competent team, so that the projects can be realised precisely and quickly.

We manage an extensive cooperation with the clients by thoroughly consultation and planning. Our pool of machines and tools makes it possible to produce containers, that best suits your need. Your decision regarding height and diameter of a container determines its demand-oriented capacity but with the choice of the outer front you determine the specific appearance of the product.

Your options for shape and design are:

  • tanks without any outer covering
  • unique smooth sheet facade
  • trapezoid sheet facade with different beads and colours according to your choice


The production according to DIN EN 1090-1 EXC 2 and the compliance with the VdS-instructions guarantees best products "made in Germany" with FM-certificate and CE-characterictic.

Tanks with pump house

The tanks produced in our company are equipped with the pump house and all required connections as well as the essential functional elements. With the help of our car pool the goods can be moved to the installation site. On the spot we take on the assembly of all parts to make sure the application according to the rules.

The successful inspection implies the operational guarantee for the containers or tanks we produced. An other service of our company is the maintenance. Please take the advantage of the maintenance contract to prolong the guarantee period by ten years. Please come in contact with us.

Apart from our supply regarding the installation of segment containers and water tanks we offer the contract manufacture. We are in the position to take on stamping, laser-cutting, welding and bending of sheets made of steel, aluminum or special steel. It is also possible to provide job order production with the material supplied from the customer. According to the clients` instructions we produce single parts, component parts, prototypes and structural members even in small quantities. If your plans are incomplete we will help you to realize your ideas on the base of your drawings or outlines and with using our CAD-system (DXF). Please take us in your confidence.