Tanks for fire-extinguishing water
of all sizes and colours,
inclusive the pump house and equipped with the essential connections

Segment containers and tanks for fire-extinguishing water

Segment containers are used for the storage of a wide range of materials in manifold fields. SBB designed and installed these constructions of all sizes and perfectly adjusted to all plants. That is why you trust the competence of a company that based on long-term experience and that is in the position to produce, install and service containers with the highest standard of quality all over Europe.

Production according to the requirements of the clients

SBB produces all parts in its own machinery according to the clients` own tastes. The choice of height and diameter guarantees the construction of a container with the best possible capacity according to the customers¥ requirements. SBB supplies complete constructions with the essential connections inclusive the pump house and the outer isolation. They are equipped with pipes, ladders, handrails and platforms as well as supporting or self-supporting roof structures.

Tank design according to the clients idea

Our clients influence the external appearance of the segment containers and water tanks. For that we offer them a selection of designs and shapes. The clients decide whether they want to receive containers without outer isolation or with outer covering. It is possible to cover the tanks with a unique smooth sheet facade, for which SBB has a Unique Selling Feature, or to give preference to a trapezoid sheet facade with different beads and colours.

Segment containers as a perfect storage for extinguishing water

Segment containers have proved to be a reliable and favorable to store extinguishing water. All-purpose applicable sprinkler tanks made of galvanized steel sheets are used for the fire prevention of production plants and warehouses. A water tank has the enormous advantage that a maximum of water is constantly available because it withstands a given maximum load.

Qualified all-inclusive packages

On account of the many pipes and connections to supply the sprinkler installation with water the construction of the tanks is a special work. Our company is well versed in producing and installing of such costly expensive water tanks. The plant in Wolmirstedt produces itself all essential parts of the tanks or containers. With the help of its own car pool SBB transports the parts to the site, ensuring a smooth and prompt sequence. On the site SBB takes on the complete assembly of the parts. After provide the installation with the jacket isolation the water tanks will be covered by powder coated trapezoid sheet in the client¥s chosen colour.

Different sizes and dimensions of the tanks made from sheets with medium size:

Certificated production of quality products

Quality is the focus of the company's attention. SBB fabricates tanks and containers, which are internationally certified for compliance with FM according to DIN EN 1090-1 EXC2 as well as VdS-instructions. Therefore products guarantee top-quality "made in Germany" and they are CE-marked and they meet the highest standards. The installation of all functional elements follows the pattern of measurements and rules. The company quality management constantly monitors the production run. Every project has a project manager, who is constantly supervising the production run as well as being available to contact.

Comprehensive operational guarantees

After the plants have been handed over the clients receive a functional guarantee for all pipes and connections. A maintenance and service contract considerably prolongs the guarantee period of the products regarding functionality and tightness. You find more information in the topic servicing and maintenance.

Standard equipment for water tanks:

  • suction line / anti vortex plate
  • manhole
  • overflow
  • removal of residues
  • separation box with anti-freeze heating
  • supply line, test pipe and coolant pipe
  • fixed ladder
  • platform
  • inspection port hole on the roof