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    Welcome to SBB, your specialist in construction of segment containers
    and tanks for fire-fighting substances
    in every size,
    for every industrial sector
    and with highest standard of quality!
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    Contract manufacture
    job order production
    We produce for you. According to your plans. For your purposes.
    With the highest standard of quality,
    using our well-equipped machinery.
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    Service and maintenance prolong guarantee period
    Periodical maintenance does not only prolong the life.
    Our service also prolongs the guarantee period.

Welcome to SBB,
your specialist in construction of segment containers and tanks for fire-fighting substances

The Segment-Behälter-Bau Ltd. from Wolmirstedt manufactures storage tanks and containers. As a professional partner SBB produces itself all parts for tank constructions in its own machinery. This fact makes it possible that SBB can offer an extensive assortment, which has the adequate size for every tank.

Complete solutions from one source

We deliver the constructions directly connected to the pump house and equipped with the essential functional elements. SBB can directly supply all parts best possible coordinated from a single source. So we guarantee a reliable handling and products with the highest standard of quality.

Extensive service offer

We take care of your project from the start. All details including statics will be cleared up and planned. Our designing engineers can provide you comprehensive consulting on technical problems and help you to realise your ideas. We manufacture our products according to certificated quality standards. With the help of our car pool the goods can be moved to the site. On the spot we take on the assembly of the segment containers or of the water tanks including the pump house or the attachments of your own choice.


After final inspection and handing over we offer the service by qualified personnel to prolong the life of the installation. Further is leasing of tanks or containers possible. Please get in touch with us to hear about our conditions. You find more information about segment containers and water tanks on the following pages.

Contract manufacture

An additional range of services is the contract manufacture. We would like to take over orders of fabricated steel sheet products. According to our clients` instructions we produce component parts, prototypes and structural members in small numbers. Belonging to them are stamping work and laser cutting as well as the fabrication of welded components and canted work pieces. We are also in the position to work components made of steel, high-grade steel and aluminium. Please see below more information and get in touch with our company.